Audi eTTron to Come as TT Replacement

Audi seems to have reached a point where it believes that the TT coupe/roadster doesn’t need a successor. The model would still sell as there are people who still want to buy it, of course, but the number isn’t motivating enough for the German automaker to keep the car in production.

It’s like time for the first TT to be born again, entering the modern era where the latest generation of motorheads live. The original car rode on the Volkswagen Golf‘s platform, and a similar scheme is again put in place today. The new TT shares the same MEB architecture as the ID.3, which itself is thought to be the electric translation of the Golf. This seems like an attempt to repeat the same success.

The determination of the TT’s future doesn’t happen in a short time, Audi has been thinking about the matter since a few years ago. It all started in 2014, when we began to see various unique-looking concepts representing company’s ideas. The ex-boss Rupert Stadler was thinking about a Sportback, and we’ve even seen a cool CLA-rivaling concept. But in the end, the brand has to make the right decision, and they think it’s none other than a crossover.

Auto Express has reported on a name that may sound strange to you: eTTron, which could be a combination of e-tron and TT, or whatever. But so far, it’s just the name of the project, not for the production model, although we don’t know whether it will eventually be used. Honestly, we think the old name is still good, so renaming doesn’t seem to be necessary here. This is our opinion.

Among the technical information we heard about the eTTron is, as we mentioned before, it will use the MEB platform, meaning that it would have its main electric motor placed at the rear, as usual; and it would pack a lot of batteries to allow for a longer range. If they manage to sell many cars with this configuration, they will have a greater chance of repeating the old success.

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