Audi Ditching Manual Transmission From its US Models

As US customers are leaving the manual transmission, Audi does the same thing to adjust itself with the market demand. The German company finds no point in maintaining the stick shift which has become less attractive in the eyes of the majority.

The report comes from Car and Driver which says that the A4 and the A5 – the automaker’s only models in the US that come with the manual options – will no longer offer that option for 2019. This means that the Audi’s whole US lineup will only consist of automatics.

Those Audi fans who still love the manual may wonder why Audi is doing this. But the company has its reason. Only five percent of US customers choosing the stick shift is certainly not a good news for it. Sales should remain stable, and Audi thinks that number doesn’t reflect a positive signal to keep the manual transmission around.

Audi isn’t alone in making such a decision. There’s also sister brand Lamborghini who did the same thing to the discontinued Gallardo and never brought back the manual gearbox on its successor Huracan. The Urus and Aventador today also don’t offer the manual option. Other automakers like Bugatti and Bentley also have only automatic models in their respective lineups.

In short, we can say that the manual transmission is dying, although not all automakers have chopped it. Porsche is a good example of the car manufacturers who think that the stick can still do the business, especially with its 911 sports car. Another example is VW with the Jetta and Golf.

Automakers ditching the manual transmission is a bad news for the performance seekers, since manual cars are known for their quicker acceleration than the automatic ones. Fortunately if you’re an Audi fan, the manual transmission is still available on the remaining 2018 A4 and A5 in the dealers. So you better hurry and get one with the trim level of your choice before the 2019 models come to replace them.

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