Aston Martin to Turn DBX into Varekai in 2019

Aston Martin’s first ever SUV is set to arrive next year with the production takes place at the automaker’s new assembly plant at St Athan, Wales. The upcoming SUV is none other than the one we previously heard by the names of Aston Martin Varekai or DBX in its concept form.

Currently, the St Athan factory is still under construction, although the ranks of the company’s leaders have held their first meeting in the building which was formerly the Ministry of Defence site in South Wales. The plant is expected to be completed and begin operating late next year.

With the establishment of the new manufacturing facility, Aston Martin will absorb 750 new workers, with 150 of them already recruited. Upon completion, St Athan will join Aston Martin’s Gaydon and Newport Pagnell production facilities.

“We are delighted at the progress being made at the St Athan site. The team have done a fantastic job in advancing the facility and I was incredibly proud to chair our first Board meeting at the new plant. Wales has a long history of engineering excellence and the Board is delighted that it will play such an important part in Aston Martin’s development”, said Aston CEO Andy Palmer.

In case you wonder why the British luxury carmaker named its upcoming SUV “Varekai”, it’s reportedly because the meaning of the Romanian word, which is “wherever”, is appropriate to the characteristics of the new off-road car.

And for those who expect the Varekai to come as an all-electric SUV like what the DBX concept seemed to promise, you have to forget it; the car will have a number of powertrain options, but looks like they won’t include an all-electric one. You can choose either an AMG-sourced V8 or V12, or the same hybrid system used by the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. These are the available options that we know at the moment.

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