Aston Martin to Rebuild James Bond’s Legendary DB5

In collaboration with EON Productions, Aston Martin is going to build 25 recreations of the legendary DB5 from 1964’s Goldfinger, which was driven by James Bond. This continuation run is inspired by the success of the similar program announced for the DB4 GT in 2016. Looks like the British marque wants to see the same success again, this time with the Goldfinger car.

For the base model of the brand-new recreations, the automaker will look no further than the original James Bond’s car. Aston Martin Works historic division will do the job of building the cars. Of course the build quality will be much improved in accordance with today’s modern standards, hence some changes are inevitable.

However, Aston says that the cars will remain as indigenous as the one from the 1964 classic. In other words, we will see that charming Silver Birch paint as well as the original features found in the 007’s car. All the gadgets won’t be there just for display, but each of them will have an actual function, making you feel like you’re 007 himself when you sit in the driver’s seat. The gadget installation task will be assigned to British special effects technician Chris Corbould.

Interested in getting one of the 25 DB5s? That means you have to be a super-rich 007 fan, or else a single unit will break your bank account for £2.75 million or about $3.5 million – if you have that much of money. And you won’t be patient unless you’re a hardcore James Bond fan, because your Goldfinger car won’t arrive until 2020. By the way, if you want a wider consideration, that amount of cash is enough to buy you the world-beating 1500-HP Bugatti Chiron which can deliver a ridiculously fast acceleration.

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