The much-loved Alfa Romeo 4C, the replacement of the Ferrari Dino we didn’t request but fondly acknowledge, is creeping significantly more toward a failing end. As the model effectively deceased, the Spider has met its demise in Europe. The fall of the coupe is near.

It was like a couple of months ago when we recalled U.S. customers could still buy a brand new 4C Spider, although the car did in fact bite the dust back in the mid of last year. Things being what they are, the Spider is also killed in Europe last year, as well as in Africa and Middle East. Surprisingly, this is not just a rumor, but the news has been confirmed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

With all these deaths, the North America and Asia Pacific are the only markets where the Spider is still available for order, at least until the 2020 model year, in addition to whatever else is left in dealer stocks anywhere else.

That’s quite shocking, in light of the fact that the Modena plant in Italy that manufactures the Alfa Romeo 4C is receiving an extensive overhaul and retooling following the discontinuation of the current Maserati GranCabrio and GranTurismo, which are also produced in the factory.

You probably think the inclination to simply wipe out the 4C too would have been excessively brilliant, but the 4C won’t die that soon folks. No, it endures for one more year.

In 2019 so far, Alfa Romeo has shipped 127 units of the 4C, and introduced a special edition release for the 2020 model year, limited to only 15 examples. Looks like in a year, the 4C will be a model we can enjoy to stop thinking about and recall once more, episodically, for the remainder of our lives which are now dominated by SUVs.

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