Alfa Romeo 4C Discontinued? That’s Apparently Not True

If you monitor the news in the last few days, you may have heard about Alfa Romeo killing its 4C. The reports sounded quite convincing, but it doesn’t seem to be legit now as a more recent report have refuted.

Previously, Autocar claimed that the model has been discontinued. Motor1 also did the same, saying that automaker has ended the 4C’s production.

The news has been denied by Carscoops, who have contacted FCA’s Communications Manager Jordan Wasylyk and gotten a clarification that “the US 4C Spider” is not dead, meaning that it’s still available for customers who want to buy it.

That’s it, at least we know that the model lives on in the US. So if you’re an American 4C fan and thought otherwise after hearing the previous reports, you can chillax now.

The 4C will continue to be produced for the time being, although we’re kind of afraid that the car will eventually be axed as everyone anticipates. The sporty model was first introduced in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, and we don’t see a successor listed in the Italian brand’s upcoming product portfolio, which many see as not a good sign.

Alfa Romeo’s future portfolio has been set to be more in accordance with reason and logic. The marquee recently announced its plan to slash capital expenses. This translates into the death-before-arrival of some new models that were previously announced including the new generations of the 8C and GTV, as well as a large SUV.

Instead, what will come out are the refreshed Giulia and Stelvio in 2021. After that, an all-new compact SUV will follow. As for 2022, the automaker will reveal a smaller SUV that will be powered by an electric powertrain.

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