Ajlani Drakuma is Middle-Eastern 1,200-HP Hypercar

When thinking about ground-breaking hypercars, the 2,012-hp Aspark Owl is probably one of the names that comes to your mind, but it wasn’t the only velocity hero that displayed at the 2019 Dubai Auto Show. Following a teaser released last month, Middle-Eastern-based firm Ajlani Motors has unveiled its new “Drakuma hypercar” which takes holy inspiration from “the soul of the dragon”.

Bashar Ajlani is the founder of the firm. He told Top Gear that Pagani was the one that gave him inspiration. According to him, Horacio Pagani is one of his “idols”. The way he builds uncompromising quality is what Ajlani admires.

Meanwhile, the vehicle’s striking design draws inspiration from Lamborghini. The front looks menacing with those ‘fangs’, a wide stance, and big side air intakes. In addition, the hypercar also boasts low roof and doors that resembles dragon’s wings when open out. No interior photos were published. What we know is that the Drakuma can carry two occupants. Currently, Ajlani is examining options for the frame, though it has been decided that the car will use a carbon fiber body to keep it light.

The Drakuma gets its power from a mid-mounted twin-turbo V8 engine making 1,200 horsepower, but there are no details on how fast it accelerates.

It’s worth noting that the particular model on display is just a show prototype created more than five years to showcase Ajlani Motors’ goal of become as successful as Pagani. In other words, the Drakuma is still under development and the firm is searching for investors to keep the project alive and going.

In the end, it’s time that will reveal whether the Drakuma is destined to enter production. If it is, Ajlani wants to make 99 units with heaps of options for buyer customization. After that, the next thing to will be to build a functioning prototype to demonstrate the hypercar’s actual capabilities.

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