Acura NSX Recalled for Third Brake Light and Fuel Tank Problems

Being more than just a tech-rich hybrid supercar, the NSX represents Honda‘s complex feat of engineering in a four-wheeler. And for such a high-tech vehicles, unfortunately, having some component failures seems inevitable.

Just as announced by the American Honda Motor Company, there’s something wrong with the mid-engined supercar that triggers the “preventive recalls” in the US. In two separated campaigns, at least 793 and 967 NSXs are affected.

The first 793 units are the 2017 models. They have a potential short-circuit problem that might occur suddenly when the third brake light lits. It would eventually burst out a crucial fuse and kill the entire brake lights.

In addition to this fault, there’s also another glitch following right behind. That is when the brake lights fail to turn on, the dash warning lights will be triggered, which will block the engine from restarting. The culprit behind all of this is the third brake light design failure.

Meanwhile, the other 967 units include both 2017 and 2018 models that must have their left and right fuel tanks replaced as soon as possible. The pipes connecting both fuel tanks may have been installed in the wrong way, which in the worst case could cause fuel leakage and a fire.

Acura has so far not heard of any accidents related to the failure of these components, but of course NSX owners don’t have to wait for one occurrence on the news, since it could happen to anyone driving the supercar.

So NSX owners are advised to bring their cars to the nearest Acura dealer for a check up. Or they can also call (844) 682-2872 or visit the company’s recall webpage to find out whether their NSXs are affected or not.

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