Acura NSX Beats GT3 Evo in 0-60, But it Loses in Lap Time

The Acura NSX and NSX GT3 Evo have a lot in common. Only one fifth of them are different, but that one fifth is actually enough to make a significant gap between the two in reality.

In an attempt to bring to light their close similarities and big differences, Acura pit the NSX and NSX GT3 Evo against each other on the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to find out which one laps faster. At first, this test may seem ridiculous, but as soon as you watch the video, you’ll be surprised as to how much faster the road-going supercar can clear 60 mph than its track-oriented sibling.

Basically, both machine come with a lot of identical components. They feature the same engine and space frame, and have the same production place in Marysville, Ohio. Their similarities amount to around 80 percent. What’s interesting here, however, is the 20 percent of the differences that set them apart in the realm of performance.

As a track racer, the GT3 Evo is bound by regulations that prevent it from using the standard NSX’s three-motor hybrid system and oblige it to go rear-wheel drive. There’s no nine-speed dual-clutch for it – only a six-speed sequential gearbox is allowed. The car also uses iron rotors instead of carbon-ceramic ones that found on the road-spec model.

Acura NSX 0-60 Time Beats GT3 Evo, But it Loses in Lap Time

But the GT3 Evo is better when it comes to weight. With carbon fiber body panels, a stripped out interior and other refinements, it can get rid of hundreds of pounds that the stock NSX can’t due to its heavier road-going setup. Aerodynamics have been enhanced as well for the GT3 Evo, giving it about five times more downforce.

When both cars start to lap Mid-Ohio alternately, their differences begin to be clearly visible. The all-wheel drive system on the NSX does work great combined with the supercar’s responsive hybrid powertrain that cranks out bigger output. All these give the NSX a quicker acceleration from zero to 60 mph. But that’s not enough to counter the GT3 Evo’s track-focused performance. Both cars are driven by American NSX expert as well as racing driver Trent Hindman.

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