A Deluded Driver Thought His V6 Acura Could Beat V8 Police Car

When you expect too much from your car’s performance without really measuring whether your expectation will match the reality, you may end up being disappointed. Like this Indiana driver for instance, who took the wrong decision by playing a chase with cops, thinking that his car would win the game. But to his surprise, the reality showed the opposite result.

This event occurred at 2:30 early Thursday morning when Trooper William Carlson was sitting in his car on the inner shoulder of I-80/94. He clocked an Acura CL driving fast at 116 mph. The driver who seemed hungry for speed had gone far beyond the 55-mph limit set on that particular stretch of Indiana highway. It caused him to be chased by the officer, who surprised him by quickly catching up to his Acura, proving the superior performance of the former’s vehicle. The latter, however, chose to continue speeding instead of surrendering.

After a few minutes of dangerous run, including weaving in and out of traffic recklessly and hitting 140 mph, the Acura can finally be stopped. The police arrested the driver, who is a 20-year-old man named Dino Lorenzo Gagliano from Dyer, Indiana. The young man did apparently underestimated the police car that was chasing him, thinking that its presumed V6 doesn’t have enough horsepower to keep up with his mighty Acura CL, something which was proven wrong. In fact, Carlson was able to catch up without much effort.

To be clear, Gagliano’s car that is the 2002 Acura CL has Honda’s 3.2-liter J32 V6 V6 engine lying under its hood. The unit delivers 225 horsepower or 260 in Type S version. On the other hand, Indiana State Police cars are motivated by tuned Hemi V8 powerhouses as stated in the self-asserting title of this particular report: “A Police V8 Hemi can Catch a 2002 Acura.”

Gagliano’s delusion makes him end up facing more charges than he should, including the crime of rejecting law enforcement, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, exceeding the normal speed limit, sudden lane change, and changing lanes without giving a signal. Had he surrendered earlier, his problem wouldn’t be this big.

Via: Fox 59

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