90’s Acura NSX Sells $8500 After 15 Years of Bathing

Like it’s coming from the past, this Acura NSX clocks only 39,000 miles but has been soaking in a North Carolina river for 15 years.

Somehow, the first generation NSX still found someone interested in it after all the time it had spent underwater. It seems that the classic car aficionado who bought it thought that having a decade and a half river time was an attractive track record for the NSX, hence why throwing $8500 for it.

Indeed, the car has been through some bad times before, until it was coincidentally found in 2019 by divers who were looking for a different vehicle used in a crime spree. The car later landed in the hands of LSX Salvage who sold it and made a Facebook post about it.

The NSX was previously a victim of a theft that went missing since the 1990s. Officers who lost track of the car assumed that it had sunk in the Yadkin River in North Carolina.

It was a dark history that left devastating damage. As a result, the car has become totally out of operation and near impossible to restore. That said, it’s amazing that the NSX still sold out.

Not only is it in bad shape, but its engine is missing, windows are broken, and the interior looks more like a garden. In other words, all the remaining parts have been badly damaged. The only thing to be a bit proud of is perhaps the 39,000 miles the vehicle has on the odometer.

This story is a true testament that the first-gen Acura NSX is a highly valuable classic car. Someone would still buy it even in its worst condition. The particular example you see here was purchased by someone who is allegedly from Maryland.

Although it looks more suitable as a lawn ornament, the buyer is apparently planning to restore it. It would be interesting to see the car’s new form after it’s brought back to life, if it ever appears online again.

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