2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo Ready to Face Next Year’s Racing Season

The new Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo has broken its cover and is ready to face the next year’s racing season. Unsurprisingly, it looks more wicked than ever.

With the latest car launch, the model has entered its third generation, with the first one released in 2016, followed by the second-gen developed last year. Ferrari will offer the new 488 GT3 Evo for its existing customers who want to upgrade their rides, but it can also be bought as a new vehicle for the parties interested in it.

The results of the latest development have made the race car longer than before thanks to the extended wheelbase. With such a design similar to that of the GTE, it will be able to save more tires. Additionally, this will enable the conversion between the GT3 and GTE components to be carried out more easily.

The changes don’t stop there as the Italian marque has given the GT3 Evo a new engine management system for its twin-turbo V8 which according to the company will make the car more reliable while promising to deliver faster and more accurate torque.

Ferrari has reshaped the vehicle’s aerodynamics kit as well. The vents on its rear wing have been altered. It now also has a revamped front bumper that features a smaller frontal section below the headlights, allowing new canards to be fitted so as to produce more downforce.

To maximize performance, the GT3 Evo has gone through a diet that makes it a lighter and faster race car. It’s also compatible with an endurance kit that includes a different front bumper with more headlights, a carbon fiber clutch, brake calipers derived from the 488 GTE, steel wheel nuts, and quick-fill couplings for engine oil and coolant.

If that’s not enough, other optional features can be added, which includes 4,500-lumens LED main headlights and sensors for the coolant level and refueling completion with warning lights.

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