2022 BMW i4 Could Closely Rival Tesla Model 3

The forthcoming BMW i4 will be an all-electric sports saloon that comes with four doors and a low-slung ride. Powered by one or a pair of electric motors, the model is developed to closely compete with the Tesla Model 3. Not to mention that it will have the build and design quality of a highly experienced automaker.

BMW didn’t specifically make a new platform for the i4. Instead, it will share the same Cluster Architecture as the 3- and 4-series. There are two possibilities regarding the powertrain, the first of which is the car will pack just one electric motor, while the second is it will offer a couple of electric motors with all-wheel drive as standard.

In any case, there will be see some grades of price and power for the i4. In terms of capability, the car is expected to be able to hit 60 mph within four seconds and its biggest battery should be good for a 350-mile range on a charge. However, the top speed will likely be limited to 125 mph for a power-saving reason.

2022 BMW i4 Could Closely Rival Tesla Model 3

So far, BMW is one of the fastest automakers in embracing the era of electrification. The company has proven it by launching some early adopters including the all-electric i3 and the plug-in hybrid i8, the design of which are a bit too unique, especially the i8 which mimics a supercar in its own way.

Built to be practical and affordable while maintaining premium appeal, the i4 will try to put the German manufacturer back on track. As shown by its spy shots, the i4 looks quite conventional, almost reminding us of the outgoing 4-series Gran Coupe. The styling takes inspiration from the 2017 i Vision Dynamics concept. The final production version of the car is slated to go on sale in 2021, with a price starting around $50,000.

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