2021 Mercedes S-Class Accelerates Around the Nurburgring

There have been many pictures and clips of the all-new Mercedes S-Class that have appeared on the internet this year, with most of them showing the car testing on the road. For footage of the S-Class performing on a track, however, this is one of few. And what we’re talking about is none other than the Nurburgring.

Many people like the S-Class, there’s no doubt about that, even though in terms of sales, the model isn’t too fantastic. Compared to two decades ago, today’s sales numbers have dropped by about half, and you can blame SUVs for that, in addition to the rise of pure EVs – Many people buy these two types of vehicles. Lucky are phobably those automakers who combine the two – i.e., making electric SUVs – thus they can sell both popular genres in a package.

So here we see now, the W223 machine coming – as a fresh answer to today’s ever tight competition, while maintaining its natural characteristics as an S-Class model.

The S-Class combines elements of performance and luxury for those who like to have both together in a car. Usually, there isn’t a Mercedes without a dual-screen dash, right? Because that wouldn’t be one. But it’s going to be replaced by a new design that leaves behind clutter.

Apparently, the display that usually sits behind the steering wheel will be coupled with another laptop-size screen which sits low on the dash. Among Mercedes’s ways to rival Tesla with its W223 is to complement its new car with flush-fitting door handles as well.

Every power train will be electrified for the all-new S-Class, although detailed specifications have yet to be revealed. In terms of platform, the S-Class also has the advantage of an electric type one, which allows it to pack a more sophisticated suspension system as well as some autonomy capabilities. Of course, the vehicle is still accelerating around the Nurburgring with a driver behind the wheel, but our focus here is not that, just watch the video below to see the beautiful performance of the upcoming Mercedes W223 model.

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