2021 Kia Optima Renderings, It Could Look Like This

The all-new Kia Optima is scheduled to arrive for 2021. The model, which is known in its home market as the K5, has yet to show its shape, but we have gotten official sketches that allow us to imagine what it will look like.

The debut is slated to happen in December, offering not just novel appearance, but also a more modern styling with a recessed grille and aggressive-looking headlight to make a ‘Tiger Face’ combination. Kolesa has converted its imagination about the all-new model based on the cues from these elements into some renders that look more alive.

At the rear, the upcoming Optima will sport a taillight with an elongated design that connects the left and right sides and a chrome strip on its top. It has a graphic nicely separated into small parts that are getting narrower as they get close to the bottom of the rear Kia badge. What’s quite impressive is that the designer didn’t forget to add a chrome accent surrounding the rear window to represent that bold molding we spotted on the C-pillar.

In the end, these are just partly unconfirmed visual thoughts that have been translated into visible images. What’s more important and more certain about the all-new Optima is that it’s built to be highly competitive in the mid-size sedan territory, to rival particularly non-premium models from other automakers. This year, the Optima was only ranked seventh as the best-selling car in its segment, so there’s still a possibility for it to gain more popularity in the market.

To understand a little about the interior of the all-new Optima, we can look at the sketches again, which show a driver-focused cockpit featuring a digital instrument cluster that sits next to a big infotainment screen. Kia promises that the new sedan’s Audio Video Navigation will be able to deliver a high image quality in three-dimensional detail.

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