2020 Toyota Supra Goes Wild and Hits a Tree

Previously, we’ve talked about a disabled 2020 Toyota Supra. If you’re not boring, we have another unfortunate story about the sports car. This time, a few videos are included to reveal a new interesting fact.

So, we tend to believe that the previous car and this car are the exact same Supra. The one filmed in recent footages was involved in a crash that occurred in Bethesda, Maryland.

The most intriguing video lets us see the Supra’s last minutes. The passenger seems to be the one recording it with some kind of webcam. The person appears to be observing the vehicle’s performance with a smartphone application.

Everything turned out badly though, as shown by the recording. A certain point of the footage shows the driver steps on the accelerator, launching the rear end of the Supra Launch Edition into a skid and the nose heading directly to a tree.

It caused a pretty devastating impact. Fortunately, both airbags set off, saving the lives of the two occupants, even though the passenger is said to be injured more seriously. But the point is, they’re still alive, and that’s a good thing.

We’re not really sure about what happened, but given the vehicle’s abrupt way in losing traction, it was more likely than not the driver deactivated the driving assist systems. Frankly speaking, that’s not a good idea, especially when you’re sitting in a potent, rear-wheel-drive sports car you’re not familiar with.

There’s another factor that might have contributed to this unfortunate event, namely cold weather. Why we think so? Because this Supra Launch Edition rides on summer tires when it crashed.

Without a doubt, the new Supra is ready for modification, but maybe you should learn to handle its existing grunt before boosting it to the next level. It’s kind of ironic that the owner of this unlucky machine pushed out some pictures on Facebook prior to the accident, saying “Out here tune’n my mk5… y’all ain’t ready…” Things being what they are, neither was the thrill-seeker for what would inevitably come to pass.

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