2020 Rezvani Tank Military Edition is Powerful Inside and Out

For those who like military vehicles, feast your eyes on this V8-powered beast that is quite compact and has a matte black color. If you’ve seen this thing before, you probably know what it is, but if you haven’t, you won’t recognize it. So the vehicle that appears powerful here is the Rezvani Tank, an ultra-menacing SUV like no other.

Coming as a monstrous ride with 1000 hp under the hood, the Tank is no cheap at all. In fact, it has an eye-watering starting price of $349,000. When you think about how handsome and muscular it is, you will know that the Tank is indeed worth its asking price. There are actually two variants on offer; one is built with military specs while the other is made to be more civilized with more normal features.

The video review you’re about to watch here features not only one of the vehicles, but the two of them get together on the vid. Much the same as us, the reviewer – Shmee150 – was pretty amazed by the street conduct and the breeze commotion at higher speeds.

The Tank is a vehicle that can be extraordinary with the right preferences, featuring very uncommon gear such as bulletproof windows with a front windscreen to deal with ammo coming from an AK-47 and an underbody designed to survive blasts underneath. Essentially, the SUV leaves the factory floor without being equipped with modern driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control and forward collision warnings. However, it packs something definitely more tremendous.

In the 19-minute clip, you will see the Tank’s cabin in details, as well as the controls and buttons that exist in there. In addition, you will know some of the design changes that the 2020 model year brings. And lastly, the review also includes a comparison between the military-spec Tank and its more civilized counterpart to reveal key differences between them.

Source: Shmee150 | Via: YouTube

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