2020 Mercedes AMG GT3 is a More Durable Race Car

Just like many car manufacturers, Mercedes-AMG wants to rival Porsche, too. One way was by bringing the AMG GT to life. The competition in the fast car segment is always fierce, indeed. When it was first introduced, the AMG GT had a totally different look with its powerhouse mounted at the opposite end. It was meant to match the 911 in a serious manner. But to actually make it a strong threat to Porsche, Mercedes had to win the hearts of speed-loving customers, something it managed to do with the AMG GT3, the first-gen of which launched in 2015.

As the automobile world grows rapidly, the German brand has to keep up and break the cover of its second-generation AMG GT3 right before the 2019 Nurburgring 24-Hour race. The car boasts an extraordinary exterior featuring a mean-looking Panamericana grille with an extensive and wrathful gape. Still, it’s not all the great things that it has. A host of essential changes lie underneath.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT3 is a More Durable Race Car

The new Mercedes AMG GT3 is mechanically redesigned to be cheaper to operate for a race team, since affordable operational costs are an important factor in smoothing a race. Under the hood, the car is well-equipped with its naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V8 engine which is more reliable and durable than before. It’s also well-protected thanks to the firmer front end that keeps parts like the engine, radiator, steering system, front suspension and front axle safe from impacts. It’s all expected to make the vehicle cheaper to repair after small bumps or crashes.

Aerodynamic parts have also been redesigned, altering the rear wing and front splitter in a way that makes them much more adjustable, enabling the potential of pit-lane modifications. In addition, the new air filter is now can be reached more easily to reduce pit stop time.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT3 is a More Durable Race Car

Lastly, a number of electronic enhancements complement all the changes gained by the new AMG GT3. The Drop Start function automatically starts the engine as soon as the car is dropped from its integrated air jacks. Traction control has also been updated in line with the type of tire currently used in the competition, so that the car is able to use its tires more effectively and efficiently.

As a track machine, of course the new AMG GT3 is expensive. It costs from €399,000 before tax or $454,682 at current exchange rates. We doubt, however, that such a high price will stop the new GT3 from being a hot race car, as the previous generation has managed to sell 130 units with a similar price.

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