2020 BMW M3 to Feature Massive Grille?

Expected to be the fastest BMW car, the M3 is about to be born. For those who can’t wait to see what it looks like, the saloon has been rendered by a Russian automotive website, kolesa.ru.

The artificer chosen for the assignment clearly assumes that BMW will equip the new saloon with enormous grilles. We’re not sure if we have to agree with the picture or not, but the German carmaker might be on to something, particularly thinking about giving the new X7 and 7 Series the massive grilles.

The grille shown on the renders is so huge that it reaches out below its standard spot, growing into the area generally used for the lower grille. It even appears that the lower bumper’s middle opening has been totally overdrawn by the kidney grilles and essentially divided into two parts.

When it comes to mounting the front license plate, this design allows you to use one of these three locations: about right on the center of the grille, or in one of those side no-drill mounts that use the threaded tow hook fitting point.

But if the grille has overtaken that area as well, then we don’t know anymore where the front plate should be placed. What we know is that BMW’s kidney grilles seem to grow bigger and bigger on new models, even on the 3 Series which is much smaller than the 7 series. So it won’t be surprising if the upcoming M3 will feature an even bigger grille.

2020 BMW M3 to Feature Massive Grille

According to kolesa.ru, this rendering is not created based on mere imagination. The upcoming M3 will be very different from the outgoing 3 Series. Its grille will be considerably bigger, featuring massive, vertical nostrils, similar to a couple of Alfa Romeo grilles put side by side.

Some of us certainly miss BMW’s old styling which was calm and homely, although it was a thing of the past. What we will see in the near future, however, is a new generation that presents a lot of changes. But we will wait for it anyway, before casting our real judgment.

Source: kolesa.ru

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