2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country Unveiled, What Makes it Different?

The time has finally come for Volvo to unveil a new member of its off-road lineup, the 2019 V60 Cross Country wagon, which sports the marque’s fresh design language, making it the most attractive Cross Country to date.

Is there any difference between the 2019 Cross Country and its regular V60 sibling? At first glance, the two models nearly look the same, but actually there are some points that distinguish the new adventure-oriented Cross Country from the more city-friendly V60.

When you see them together from the front, it’s as if they are two same cars parked next to each other. Your eyes wouldn’t instantly catch the difference. After all, both V60s share the same DNA and typical Volvo styling.

They both feature the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlamps, big lower air-intake vent, grille with elongated hexagonal shape, and subtle design elements on the hood. But if look closer, you will notice that the Cross Country is actually higher than its regular city brother.

The rear look is nearly the same as well for the two V60s, without striking differences, although you can notice the Cross Country no longer feature quad exhausts here. Instead, it has dual exhaust tips. It also gets cladding around its bumper.

The most differences can be seen from the side. Not only the Cross Country has a greater ground clearance, but also specifically designed rims, and cladding around side sills and wheels wells.

On the inside, the Cross Country presents a view that is not much different from the standard V60, except that it looks a bit darker. So in all fairness, styling is just like those of other V60 and S60 models.

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