2019 Toyota Supra to Compete in NASCAR Xfinity Series

2018 will be the last season for the Toyota Camry to race in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. Soon a replacement will come to take its starting place. It’s the Toyota Supra that will compete in the next year’s feeder series. As the production version of the long-missed legend is about to come back, Toyota seems to have a good plan by using the Xfinity Series as a marketing vehicle.

The Toyota Supra Race Car is designed to comply with the rule changes in the 2019 Xfinity Series. That’s why it uses a composite flange fit body, which should make it around 150 pounds lighter than if it sits on a steel body. Another advantage of employing the new composite panels is that it cuts a lot of installation time, which normally would take two weeks with steel materials, now it can be done in just two days.

The Xfinity Supra packs a hefty V8 engine coupled to a four-speed manual transmission to send power to the rear wheels. In terms of chassis and powertrain, this Supra reflects nothing of the upcoming production version, except for its rear-wheel-drive layout.

Toyota may still not reveal the details on the new Supra’s powertrain, but it’s expected to adopt an inline-six turbo engine from BWM. There’s no telling whether the new sports coupe will offer a manual transmission or not, although it’s likely that automatic transmission will be the sole option at the beginning.

Last but not least, we’re not sure if the Xfinity Supra really has some connection with the production Supra at all. One thing for sure is that its announcement is meant to tell us that the Supra is making a strong come back and hence should be anticipated.