2019 McLaren Speedtail Costs $2.25 Million, Not for Just Anyone

Being McLaren’s first ever hyper-GT, the 2019 Speedtail joins the automaker’s Ultimate Series. The car is not a slow-runner at all. In fact, its top speed can reach 250 mph, making it the British marque’s fastest production car.

Spiritually, the Speedtail is the successor of the McLaren’s very first road-going car. The price and limited production numbers suggest that the beast is not for just anyone. That’s it! Only 106 units will be built, with each costing a whopping $2.25 million. Don’t even think to break your bank account now to get one, since all units have already been sold out. The McLaren Speedtail is set to leave the factory floor in 2020.

At the heart of the car is a gas-electric hybrid engine, which lies within a carbon fiber body. The powertrain cranks out a combined output of 1035 HP good for rocketing from 0 to 186-mph in just 12.8 seconds. To take the performance to the highest level, the “Velocity” mode will optimize the powertrain and lower the body by 35mm for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

As an F1-inspired hyper-GT, the Speedtail’s cabin sports a three-seater setup. It wants to purely and authentically inherit the spirit of its predecessor, so every part of it has been accurately designed to express that spirit.

Without a doubt, this is a very well-made product. The Speedtail boasts the best aerodynamic shape McLaren can come up with to reduce drag on the road. Its 137mm carbon body is dramatically-slim and elongated, and its teardrop-shaped passenger compartment keeps air near the sculpture and sends it swiftly away. Structural panels are gone, now the volume are entirely covered by one big glass to cut more weight. The tapering tail has flexible carbon fibre spoilers to further improve drag efficiency.

The Speedtail’s design is meant to push the boundaries of what McLaren can accomplish. Every part of it is made for great aerodynamics and wonderful character. Wing mirrors are ditched in favor of foldable digital backup cameras, while carbon fiber aero elements covers the front tires. The P-Zero-branded tires are specifically built to be bespoke for the Speedtail. The rear wheels are uncovered to make sure that air is attached to the body. In addition, it also states the car’s unique styling.

With the Speedtail, McLaren has done an incredible work like never before. The engine is wrapped in a sheet of carbon fiber flaunting a technical grading color in a high-quality fiber weave. The body is finished in a titanium deposition carbon fiber material; with the front splitter, rear diffuser and side skirts use the 1K variant of this material. The process of jacquard weaving generates a very complicated pattern, and McLaren lets its customers choose any color they like to anodize the titanium, interwoven with custom images or words. The automaker’s badge and Speedtail name are made using white gold.

On the inside, the Speedtail looks exceptional too. It’s different from old McLaren road cars which rigidly maintained the image of genuine sports automobiles by keeping the interior a bit plain. This new generation, however, has received a touch of luxury to its cabin. Its central driving position recalls the automaker’s iconic F1, and flanking the driver’s seat are two passenger bucket seats. Together, they make the interior awesome.

The carved slender seats are wrapped in tactile leather, with the driving seat being adjustable while the two rear ones are static. There’s a central digital display flanked by two big screens on the left and right side of the driver, and even a couple of McLaren’s luggage compartments positioned in the nose and tail. The top part of the windscreen can be tinted as easy as touching a button, so sun-visors aren’t needed anymore.

McLaren has been hard at work in developing a lineup of radical sports cars that sit on a whole new level of design and technology. The company dares to explore new stylings and unusual materials in ways that are totally unconventional. fortunately, the Speedtail has become an instant success even before it was announced, thanks to its beautiful design which is accompanied by a promising performance.

The Speedtail has been unveiled with the grace, the beauty, and the allure that it has. The teardrop shape and tapering tail brings a lot of excitement, not to mention the three-seat design that multiplies the car’s allure. With all the elements inspired by the past, the Speedtail is still built to be a futuristic hyper-GT. So it combines both classic design and futuristic technology in one incredible package.

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