2019 Ford F-150 with 725 HP on Sale for $39,995

Will you be interested if we say you can get a Ford F-150 for under $40,000? If yes, then maybe this offer from Lebanon Ford will make you happy. The offer comes from the southwestern Ohio dealership that has been selling 700 to 800-hp supercharged Mustangs since a few years ago.

The 2019 F-150 is available with three choices of supercharger include Procharger, Roush and Whipple. If you choose the first or the second kit, it will increase power of the vehicle’s 5.0-liter V8 from 395 to 650 hp. As for Whipple, it will raise output to 725 hp. How much the conversions will cost? Well, you just need to shell out $39,995 and that’s it! You get the new truck along with the new, impressive performance figure. That price is for a two-wheel-drive F-150 XL with the Sport Appearance package and a regular cab.

More options and higher trims are available, but of course it will raise the cost. According to Road and Track, the trucks are being sold at a discount. Normally, if the price is broken down, the F-150 XL Sport will set you back $30,596 while the supercharger will cost $9,399. Still, the total price could get even more affordable in the summer as the typical incentives would be available.

The Roush kit, which also boosts torque to 610 lb-ft, comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty as standard. The same warranty is available for the Procharger and Whipple superchargers, although you will have to shell out an extra $995 to get it. Among the three kits, the Roush R2650 and Whipple 2.9-L twin screw have met the requirements to pass the emission test in California, while the Procharger hasn’t.

In case you’re interested, Lebanon Ford also has a separate offer to boost output to 650 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque through the installation of a Street Sleeper Twin Turbo System, which costs you $4,000 more, but it comes with no warranty and is not allowed to be used in the Golden State.

You can now place your order for the 2019 F-150 with the package of your choice. It will take around one to two months to complete the modification.

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