2019 Bentley Continental GT W12 Convertible is Beyond Modern

This new Bentley Continental GT Convertible has already been revealed, a year following the creation of the GT Coupé, it is the automaker’s zenith sumptuous convertible grand tourer. The Continental GT is a very important model for Bentley since the first generation shook the conventional extravagance car world when it was debuted in 2003. This energetic vehicle wasn’t a typical heritage Bentley for many. The Continental was a completely fresh and provocative car with an exciting and strong appearance. It was a major accomplishment for Bentley, introducing itself to a wider audience that includes the younger generation.

The new Continental GT Convertible proceeds with the design language presented with the Coupé brother, improving a portion of the more emotional and intense elements of the first model released 15 years ago. The new car increasingly boasts a modern expression of luxury and is outwardly in-line with other Bentley models. CEO Adrian Hallmark says the car has an exquisite modest representation that compels people to look; engineering magnificence they will admit.

Central to the Convertible is the fabric rooftop, which can be quickly deployed and stowed tidily away in less than 20 seconds during an up-to-30mph driving. Additional personalization involves seven fabric colors that can be chosen for the retractable roof.

Other incredible features that can only be found on the Convertible are the new neck warmers. Incorporating neatly into the seats, they give more warmth and are quieter by improving efficiency and wind stream around the adjustable headrests. The latest design has a chrome center vane stretching the total width of the duct to reminisce Bentley’s renowned “bullseye” vents. Also heated is the steering wheel, and the armrests for a truly luxurious driving feel. The cabin is more peaceful than ever thanks to the new roof insulation components and working mechanism, as well as improvements to the sealing system and acoustic treatment.

The new model has been designed to be lighter so that it can provide a smooth and fast driving experience. Under the bonnet lies a 6-liter W12 twin-turbo engine paired to a dual-clutch 8-speed transmission. With the newest engine management, the motor can generate 626 bhp and 900 Nm of torque, enabling a 0-60 mph acceleration in just 3.7 seconds, and the top speed reaches 207 mph.

The advancement in design gives the new car a lower and longer shape. The front wheels have been situated further forward, in this manner enabling the hood to be stretched out and the nose to be brought down. It still has some important signature lines of the first Continental, albeit in a more refined form. The back sees a somewhat more extreme departure, as the taillights molded into ellipses. The Convertible rides comfortably on standard 21-inch wheels that offer two styles. Optionally, there’s a set of 22-inch forged, lightweight wheels, with a hand-finished option.

The GT Convertible features the cut-crystal light design at the front and back that utilizes the most recent LED Matrix technology. Taking inspiration from the splendid EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, the lights put forth a bold visual expression within the sight of the quieter model. There are 17 color options for the exterior, including Onyx, Portofino and Beluga, or clients can customize their vehicle with any color they want, coordinated with the roof shade.

The new Bentley Continental GT Convertible wasn’t designed to be an over-decorated car, but rather to be one that expresses clarity and makes an extraordinary statement. This newest Continental comes with a pure design that takes in Bentley’s traditional ingredients. It wants to show more dramatic surfaces than lines, which explains the exceptionally smooth look.

The interior displays the aptitudes of the crafts individuals at Crewe. Discovering more dynamic, natural options in contrast to conventional luxury cloths is something that Bentley is eager to explore. A number of traditional leather and veneer options are available to choose from, they’re guaranteed to have exceptional quality. Another option is the classic Bentley knurling treatment on the metal surface, or a more detailed diamond knurling treatment, if customers want. A “diamond in diamond” leather quilt is now also on offer. Personalization choices include fifteen colors throughout hides and carpets, in addition to three distinctive interior colors that can be specified. An exemplary-finished wooden steering wheel brings the Continental look to completion.

The fully-digital, driver-focused instrument panel is also a new idea for Bentley. The first Continental was made to attract younger customers, and Bentley wants the 2019 model to continue the dialogue, this time not only through reminiscent styling, but also by taking advantage of forefront technology. The advanced instrument panel features a rotating display with a 12.3-inch touchscreen placed in a three-sided unit, which spins to uncover the touchscreen and also three lovely analogue dials. The new Continental certainly comes with a beyond-modern luxury style. Toward the end of a bustling day you can create a quiet and tranquil atmosphere by turning off every screen inside your car, moving “beyond needing to see technology all the time” – something Bentley describes as the “ultimate luxury”.

The new Bentley Continental GT Convertible will go on sale in the second if not third quarter of 2019, depending on the market, with pricing is yet to be revealed.

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