2019 Acura NSX GT3 Evo Looks Impressive

Acura has introduced an enhanced version of its NSX GT3. The car is named the NSX GT3 Evo. The track-oriented variant of the NSX comes with better powertrain and aerodynamics to get it prepared to meet the upcoming challenge, namely the next year race season.

Compared to the previous version, the new 2019 Acura NSX GT3 Evo boasts a more tightened bodywork and higher top speed. Some internal components have also been tuned. The exterior features redesigned splitters, diffusers and rear bumper to give it better powertrain cooling and assist it in minimizing drag. Overall, this will make the NSX GT3 Evo runs faster and easier to handle.

The 3.5-liter V6 engine has also been improved thanks to its new turbochargers that gives it not only better boost control and throttle response, but also increase its gas mileage. All other NSX GT3s are expected to receive the new turbochargers as well.

Anti-lock braking system has been renewed on the NSX GT3 Evo. It gets a more detailed Bosch display too. With all these upgrades, the car is expected to have a sharper performance and more efficient running costs. Besides, the upgrades should also significantly extend the engine’s longevity by 25 percent.

So, now you’re looking at a quicker, more beautiful and powerful version of the NSX GT3. What else do you want to see? Hybrid system and four-wheel drive? Sorry, but they are nowhere to be found. It can’t be helped, GT3 regulations have put tech restrictions on the Evo, a lot of great features from the showroom are stripped away.

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