200 Ford GT Supercars Need Software Update to Prevent Fire

In many ways, the Ford GT is an extraordinary car. It’s both stylish and powerful supercar. It also sports an exterior look that is not less eye-catching than that of a Ferrari. But Ford has to recall it because the car has a big problem. As the filings say, the GT can catch fire if overheated. North American owners are being reached out by Ford for a fix to this.

According to the automaker, the recall affects around 194 GTs that were sold in the US and 18 more that were delivered to customers in Canada. The defect lies in the valve block assembly housed under the rear spoiler that can leak hydraulic fluid and drip it onto the exhaust. That could’t a big disturbance if the GT just spends all its time in the garage. But if the car is driven until the engine is hot enough, the liquid droplets can cause fire. This recall was triggered by a fire incident that took place in Munich, Germany, a few months ago.

A free new car has been delivered to the German owner as a replacement for his burned GT. Of course, Ford doesn’t want to replace all other 194 GTs. No, that would break the business, because each unit has a value of around $450,000. The company found a much easier solution to the issue. That is a free software update performed by dealers to the car controller, which will prevent the possibility of excessive pressure in the valve blocks, according to the company. And since OTA update is impossible for the GT, the car needs to be taken to a dealership.

During the repair, each Ford GT will also be given a new hydraulic check valve. And additional checks will be made on the filter and the o-rings in the system. If those parts are damaged by too much pressure, technicians will install new replacements. In other words, Ford will do whatever it takes to prevent the same problem and its derivates from reappearing in the future. It doesn’t want to give a free GT again.

The cars affected by this recall were produced from December 20, 2016 to July 31, 2018. 194 is not a big number, maybe. Not when you remember that in 2017 Ford has sold almost 900,000 units of the F-Series light-duty trucks in the US. However, it’s worth noting that this recall actually covers almost every GT version of the second generation produced since 2016.

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