1997 Acura Integra Type R Price Crosses $80,000 Mark

Lately, the Acura Integra Type R has become a really valuable classic modern car. Its price continues to soar to the point where it’s now worth $82,000. That’s the amount of money that was agreed in a recent transaction. Undoubtedly, for one example to command such a high value, it has to be in mint condition.

1997 Acura Integra Type R Price Crosses $80,000 Mark

Never changed hands before, the 1997 Integra Type R was put up for sale on Bring A Trailer with 6,190 miles on the clock. And as we said earlier, the car is almost as good as new, making it a perfect vehicle for someone who wants to get a strong nostalgic feeling of the 90s.

Besides being a cool car, among of the causes of the high price is scarcity, the 1997 Integra Type R is not the kind of car you would see everyday in the US. Its production was limited to just 320 units in that year; while in total, 3,800 units were sold during its four-year lifetime. So one mint example of the 1997 model will undoubtedly attract a lot of money.

Sporting a Championship White color, this Integra Type R looks beautiful. The car rides on the factory 15-inch alloy wheels wrapped with aged Bridgestone tires that due to be replaced. The tires have been used for only 1000 miles, but it’s been there since 2004, so replacements are needed.

Motivating the Integra Type R is 1.8-liter four-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine capable of pumping out 195 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque. The unit is paired to a close-ratio, five-speed manual transmission. The service done to the powertrain last July has given it a new timing belt, water pump, tensioner and drive belts, as well as an oil change and a clutch adjustment.

The DC2 Integra Type R is one of the best FWD performance cars ever produced. It features a limited-slip differential, a stiff body shell, and specifically-configured brakes and suspension. Last June, an example with 27,000 miles was sold for $65,500. But now, the price of the car has crossed the $80,000 mark, which makes us think that $100,000 may be a reasonable mark to be crossed in the next sale.

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