There’s no doubt that the Honda Prelude is a well-liked car, especially among JDM lovers. However, to attach a high price tag to it would require the acceptance of its buyer. Unsurprisingly, someone agreed that the machine is worth $79,000. That’s what one online bidder thought, spending that much money to snag a 1987 Prelude from Bring a Trailer. This classic coupe has set a new record for the most expensive Prelude sold on the auction website.

The car’s excellent condition and low mileage certainly made it attractive. That’s likely the reason the buyer willed to shell out the record-breaking price. The Prelude, especially in Type S form, is a vehicle that every JDM fan wants to try, but it seems this one will be treated like a treasure rather than pushed to its limits.

Looking absolutely flawless, the vehicle has only 4,200 miles on the clock. So, it’s a real gem, considering its age. The 1987 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si was first delivered to Honda Woodstock and stayed with the original owner’s family until the seller bought it in April 2023.

The coupe boasts a Phoenix Red exterior paint. Its parts like the headlights, taillights, wheels, black trim, and others look spotless. It would make anyone think this was stored in a museum rather than the garage of a car lover.

The interior offers a perfect wave of nostalgia as everything is well-maintained. There are barely any wrinkles on the front fabric bucket seats, while the dashboard is immaculate. The same applies to the leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear stick, analog gauges, and air vents. You can also find the original AM/FM cassette stereo with a graphic equalizer that looks brand new.

The Prelude was a product of Honda from 1978 to 2001, staying on the market for six generations. Its absence could be over as there were rumors of its revival last year. It might come back as Honda’s new EV anytime in the future, competing with the likes of the Toyota GR86 in the sports car realm.

The Prelude was pretty much a variation of the Honda Accord, but now, Honda only offers one Si model in the shape of the Honda Civic Si, which has dropped the coupe option.

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