1979 Dodge D100 Pickup Truck for Sale

Classic quirky trucks are always the favorite of truck drivers who have high vintage tastes, no matter how unique their tastes in cars are, they will always be relevant to the times. That’s since old, valuable vehicles keep making comebacks from the past these days to impress people in the present.

One of those lucky vehicles is this 1979 Dodge D100 custom pickup. The model year in the name is a clear statement of how old the truck is. The good thing here is that, you don’t even have to be as old to like the machine. Whether you just want to have a bit different style or you’re purely a fan of classic restored trucks, then you might find this D100 attractive.

Now if you’re interested in buying it, the vehicle is being listed for sale at Bring a Trailer. It has 59,000 miles or 95,000 kilometers on the clock, and it’s powered by a 318 cubic inch V8 engine.

The engine itself has a chrome Edelbrock air cleaner and valve covers. The carburetor was said to be changed four years ago. The pickup uses a three-speed automatic transmission to transfer its output to the rear wheels.

The advertisement says the cab and Utiline bed got their red coat from the earlier owner. As you can see in the pictures, the D100 has its wood fence sides shown both installed and removed. Also having red paint are the 15-inch wheels, which come with chrome hubcaps.

The interior, meanwhile, features an original steering wheel, black vinyl-upholstered seats, a foldable middle seat that can also function as an arm rest, matching door panel inserts, Sunpro mechanical oil pressure gauge, Jensen stereo cassette player, an aftermarket pop-up glass sunroof, and skull style door lock knobs and driver’s seat adjuster.

You have one single day left to place a bid. Currently, the highest bid is $3,500, so it won’t likely break your budget. Certainly, the truck has changed a lot since new, but it’s still a choice that is out of the ordinary and someone might happen to love this choice.

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