1969 Chevy Camaro On Sale For $139,900

No matter what brand you buy, various engine options are available when it comes to muscle cars. The ones that pack a V8 engine are the most potent and expensive.

For example, this is one vintage Camaro, which belongs to the first generation of the series that ran from ’66 to ’69. It was manufactured in California, Ohio, and other plants in South America, Asia, and Europe. It was similar to the Pontiac Firebird of that time and had various V8 engines.

The COPO variant had a 7.0-liter engine with 427 cubic inches. Other choices were the 396, 350, 327, 302, and 302 engines. A small-block with 283 cubic inches was also offered, and the least attractive models came with a straight-six engine. The original Camaro had different transmissions depending on the engine: three- or four-speed manuals and two- or three-speed automatics.

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro pictured here has a magnificent engine under its hood. It’s a 502 ci V8 that delivers 550 hp. The car has an automatic transmission that delivers the output to the wheels, as well as power steering and disc brakes.

It also features a four-link suspension with coilovers, and a stainless steel exhaust system. The air conditioning system makes driving more enjoyable for the driver and front passenger. On top of that, the car is equipped with a modern stereo, a three-spoke steering wheel with a traditional design, and bucket seats in brown leather.

The vintage Camaro boasts an orange color scheme and extra-wide tires for better traction. It also has a roll cage to protect the passengers in case of an accident. It underwent a thorough frame-off restoration that cost a fortune. Since then, it has traveled 3,822 miles (6,151 km).

This awesome machine is now on sale for $139,900. You can check out more pictures of it on Garage Kept Motors’ site.

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