The 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS was available in three variants, packing an identical engine. The 340-hp option featured a 10.1:1 compression ratio.

Chevy enhanced the more potent 400-hp counterpart with an 11.0:1 compression ratio and an aluminum intake.

The crowning jewel was the 425-horsepower unit, perfectly complementing the Impala SS with its aluminum intake and two four-barrel carburetors, fitting like a glove.

The 1963 Impala SS listed on eBay by seller amov8000 proves that the combination of SuperSport tags and the powerful big-block engine was a perfect match.

Thanks to knowledgeable owners who knew how to care for it, the car still flaunts a great condition that is unrivaled elsewhere.

The Impala proudly exhibits rare factors, including complete originality, being unrestored, unmodified, and, on top of that, having low mileage.

According to the seller, the car has made appearances at multiple auto shows, indicating that it likely spent a significant amount of time in a garage, meticulously prepared for each upcoming event.

If that’s true, the immaculate condition of the SS becomes entirely understandable. Both the interior and exterior are flawlessly spotless, with everything functioning correctly.

The presence of all the SS tags in their proper places and the flawless white finish further attest to its remarkable state.

Described by the seller as a “real original survivor,” this Impala is in pristine condition and requires no further attention; it simply awaits a new home.

The car is said to be fully prepared to be used as a daily driver, although may be better suited as a collectible vehicle.

Equipped with the 409 V8, the 1963 Impala SS was a brutal machine in its heyday. However, given that it mostly remained indoors, the odometer reading also reveals it to be a delightful low-mileage beast.

The car’s odometer indicates a mere 26,000 miles or nearly 42,000 km, with most of these miles accumulated while attending auto shows and returning home afterward.

The auction has already begun, and as predicted, this Impala SS won’t be sold at a low price. Being a rare survivor in excellent condition, the car is listed at auction with a substantial starting price.

Potential buyers need to bid a minimum of $25,000 for the car, although the owner has also set a reserve price.

The seller anticipates receiving a significantly higher amount than the minimum bid. Although the exact value of the reserve is undisclosed, it’s likely almost double the starting price.

Hence, this Impala might become accessible to anyone willing to pay $50,000, which appears to be a reasonable price for an original, unaltered, and well-preserved low-mileage classic.

In Greenville, South Carolina, the owner carefully protects the car from every weather condition. In theory, since everything works perfectly, the vehicle should be able to drive home immediately after purchase.

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