1962 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Reincarnated As E-10

Almost two dozen Chevy cars will be put on display at the 2019 SEMA Show, one of which is the COPO Camaro John Force Edition. There’s also an electric pickup truck the company call the E-10 Concept.

The E-10 is built based on a 1962 C-10, but it has been equipped with the Bolt-sourced EV powertrain. As a result, it now packs a pair of electric motors, which themselves are electrified by two 400-volt batteries. The vehicle uses a SuperMatic 4L75-E automatic transmission to send its torque to the rear wheels.

The 60 kWh batteries are installed in the bed, beneath the hard tonneau cover. It’s estimated that the truck makes 450 horsepower, allowing it to sprint from zero to 60 mph in approximately 5 seconds, and clear a quarter-mile in 13 seconds.

The American marque has also added a sound emulator consisting of three speakers that imitate the sound of an induction, it can also simulate the sound of the LS7 Z28 with touring and track tunings, a standard V8 engine and a futuristic sound, as well as the absolute silence granted by the environmentally friendly electric powertrain.

According to Chevy, the powertrain is designed to deliver “both power and range”. But this is just the beginning; the fact that makes things “exciting”. Just as the automaker has finished over the years with its performance crate engines, it will keep on improving Connect & Cruise concept EV propulsion system.

Chevy wants to provide bigger output and longer range that is able to meet various needs of all aficionados. To accomplish that goal, the company will make use of batteries, inverters, and related parts that are capable of higher current and voltage, instead of cylinder heads and carburetors.

The E-10 retains its classic silhouette, although with some tweaks. It comes with illuminated logo in the grille, LED headlights and taillights, lowered stance and 9×20-inch front and 10×22-inch rear wheels. Lastly, Chevy has reinstated the interior, fitting it with leather-trimmed seats and digital screens for the EV propulsion unit that swap the old gauge cluster.

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