1959 Cadillac Roadster DeVille is a Virtually Nice Vehicle

It’s just normal if you don’t know about the thing that is pictured here, because it never entered reality from the start. But the creator of these images calls it a Cadillac, particularly a classic one that puts together two different stylings of two famous General Motor cars.

That is the fruit of Abimelec Design‘s creativity, who took a 1959 C1 Chevrolet Corvette as the base of the vehicle. A number of revisions have been made to give it a new look and feel. As you can see, the front end now has redesigned headlights. In addition, there are also new grille and new chrome trims.

The exterior is mostly inspired by the Cadillac de Ville cars from the late 1950s and 1960s. This is evident, especially at the rear where striking fins can be seen stretching above the rear wheel arches. There are also four pointed taillights that strengthen its classic aura, plus some chrome elements and a pair of exhausts nicely integrated into the bumper.

This vehicle is simply a nice dream, imagined perfectly with a classic design but from a modern perspective. To make the car sounds nicer, Abimelec Design named it the ‘Roadster DeVille’, equipping it – in their imagination – with a 390 cc Cadillac V8 from that time.

In reality, it would be near impossible for this kind of creation to happen. Why? Because the 1959 C1 Chevrolet Corvette is a venerable antique model that no sane owner would want to change it into something else, not into this Cadillac-inspired machine. The first-gen Corvette is among those cars whose values are firmly attached to their authenticity.

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