1936 Aston Martin Mk II for Sale After 50 Years Collecting Rust

Thinking that the old car pictured above is a worthless wreck car? Wait, don’t be fooled by its outdated look, let us tell you that it’s actually worth £55,000 or around $70,000.

This classic car is the 1936 Aston Martin Mk II saloon which was one of only 24 units ever produced by the British automaker. Today, only a handful of MK IIs survive, and the specific model here has collected rust for almost 50 years in the garage.

Previously, the car belonged to the late Philip Kenyon, an electrical engineer who bought it in 1951. At that time, the price was only $300.

Kenyon used the car for 20 years for daily commuting and vacation with his family. Among the places he had visited were the Lake District and Wales. In 1971, the story of this car stopped in the garage following a cable break on the hand brake.

After that, repair efforts had been made by Kenyon without fruitful results, which is why the car only sat in the garage for five decades.

This year, it’s finally time for the old machine to be revived by a new owner, maybe. It’s being listed for sale by H&H Classics of Warrington, Cheshire, on behalf of Kenyon’s family, after the death of one of his daughters.

1936 Aston Martin Mk II for Sale After 50 Years Collecting Rust

Apart from the unsightly condition, the car is still expected to attract a lot of attention from classic car lovers. Experts estimate it will require around £100,000 or $127,205 to fully restore the car. And if the restoration is successful, the saloon’s selling value will jump to £200,000 or equivalent to $254,435. Sounds interesting?

The 1936 Mk II packs a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is started using a wind-up handle. This car is almost like a hidden treasure in the garage that was finally found and will become a promising project for its new owner. All the original parts seem to be still there, but the saloon will require a total refit.

According to H&H’s Nick Lumby, this is a rare opportunity for anyone who knows about the Mk II to own this car. Obviously, buying it will not bring instant profits. But again, this is a project that sooner or later will attract many people, as nobody denies the scarcity of this car. And more importantly, because the Aston Martin Mk II is a rare vehicle that was built in the pre-war part of the classic era.

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