1.6 Million Honda and Acura Cars Recalled Over Faulty Safety Features

Do you have a Honda or Acura car manufactured in 2001 or later? If you do, better check your car now to see if it’s affected by a couple of sweeping recalls involving more than 1.6 million cars.

1.4 million of those cars are feared to have a defective air bag. If exposed to humidity and heat long enough, the air bags could explode when the vehicle crashes, thus shooting dangerous shrapnel around the cabin. Owners of affected vehicles can contact their dealerships right away for a free airbag replacement.

This recall is part of a large-scale campaign initiated by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to swap Takata airbags with the new, safe ones. There are at least 19 automakers that use Takata airbags, and the airbag explosions have killed so far 23 people worldwide and injured 180.

In total, there are around 100 million cars worldwide that have to be recalled by the end of next year and given new airbags to replace the faulty ones. The continuous recall has unsurprisingly pushed Takata to file for bankruptcy plan in Japan and the US.

It looks like the recall has affected the cars built by Honda and Acura from 2001 to 2014. You can visit this link to find out if your car is among them. Have a VIN handy to get the accurate information.

A potentially deadly airbag may not be your problem if your Honda is a newer model built after 2014. However, this next recall should make you aware if you own a 2018 Accord or 2019 Insight hybrids, as 232,000 of both models are affected by the second recall for malfunctioning rear camera software. Apparently, incorrect programming caused the rear cameras to stop working, increasing the risk of a crash. This problem can be fixed with a free software update.

It’s kind of ironic that airbags and rear cameras that are supposed to increase safety could actually give you a dangerous driving experience. Interestingly, this happens in these days when cars are supposed to be safer and more comfortable than ever.

Yes, they have a lot of advanced sensors and options. But seems like the increasingly complicated features has made modern cars more prone to having component failures. This is the truth, unfortunately. Hence why we see millions of those cars getting caught in recalls.

In 2016, 53 million vehicles were recalled in the US, mostly due to the faulty Takata airbags. Recalls declined to 30.7 million in 2017, but that’s still a fantastic number since automakers sold only 17.6 million cars in the same year. So literally, these automakers are recalling more cars than they’re selling. Is this a new way of running a business?

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